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OpenVMS Software Developer, Love science and sci-fi, Black Belt (Shodan) in GoJu Ryu Karate and Kobudo

The oil price dilemma

Originally posted on daryanenergyblog:
Figure 1: Recent trend in global oil production [Source: Gail Tverberg, Our Finite World, 2012] A recent drop in world oil prices, has seen prices descending past the symbolic point of $50 a barrel. This is…

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“Neil Rieck” (Chip head, sci-fi nerd, and computer hacker)

“Neil Rieck” (Chip head, sci-fi nerd, and computer hacker) Bokken Kata “in the woods” See my general info stuff at: See my OpenVMS stuff at: which includes free OpenVMS programming demos. Black Belt in Karate (GoJu-Ryu) and Classical … Continue reading

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